Have you ever noticed that you have a whole internal dialog going on in your head pretty much all the time? Are you aware of the nature of that dialog? Are they negative thoughts or positive ones? Do they lift you up or tear you down?

Developing an awareness of what goes on in our head is the first step to freeing ourselves from the traps of the mind. Once you can notice the thoughts you can become a detached observer.

The next step is nourishing the thoughts that serve you so that they keep growing and gently push aside the thoughts that suck the life out of you.

We all have both going on inside but the balance of the negative and positive is different for each. No need to be judgmental about the thoughts that you do observe or be mad at yourself for having a more negative internal dialog from time to time. That won’t do you any good and will actually just feed that negative icky feeling you have going on. Instead, start replacing each negative thought you notice with a positive one that helps build you up. It will be a process but it’s so worth the effort.

What you tell yourself everyday is creating the life you have so if you want that life to expand and include more joyful experiences and inner peace, you’ve gotta do the work and keep those thoughts kind and loving.

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