Are you connected to what sets your soul on fire? What makes you so happy that you could just do it all day? Time flies when we do what makes our soul happy. It can be so many things from taking care of a child, a pet, a friend. Being in nature, building a business, dancing, reading and so much more.

There is no room for judgement in pin pointing what feeds your soul. That very thing that makes your heart sing is part of the reason why you are here. It’s your purpose.

Let yourself breathe and create space either to figure out what that purpose is or to have enough time in a day to enjoy that passion. It’s not selfish or silly, it’s actually crucial to your happiness. If you don’t know what that is yet, don’t try to just think your way to the answer. Give yourself time and space to explore and let your heart guide you.

Your mind (or ego) might say that you have better or more useful things to do but don’t believe it. You can deprogram that voice with some work and self care (and patience). Go ahead, do what you love. Let those worries float away and be in a space of timelessness where nothing else matters. That is our true nature and how we are meant to be: at peace and free.

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