What is done in love is done well. I can always count on the inspiring Lisa Messenger to guide me and send me powerful reminders. It’s so important to surround yourself with people that inspire you to be the very best version of yourself.

Sometimes, we get lost and we forget what we are truly about. When you keep people that inspire you close by, it’s almost like holding a mirror up to yourself and being reminded of the potential you have for greatness. I believe that when someone inspires you it’s because you see a bit of yourself in them. Seeing what they have been capable of accomplishing is a symbol of what you can do if you tap into your full potential.

Enough with the bullshit voice of the ego saying that you aren’t good enough or that you aren’t ready. It’s just trying to keep you “safe” in that limiting box that won’t get you anywhere. You’ve got to stop listening to that scared little voice of fear and listen to your heart and soul.

And of course, always come back to love. Accomplishments are great but if they are not done with love, they are not having the full impact they could. Lisa Messenger is a woman that inspires me greatly not only because she is successful but because she does everything with love. She wants to share her experiences and life lessons to make your journey a little smoother and I truly admire that. She gives way more than she asks for and always has an intention of goodness behind what she does and the ventures she undertakes (such as her amazing magazine Renegade Collective).

See how you can put a little more love into what you do today. Whether it’s in the thoughts you have, the words you speak or the actions you take.

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(Image via Lisa Messenger)

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