We’re from the same star. We all come from the same place and we are all heading towards the same destination. Our journeys might be very different but we are in this together. Today marks the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and we can choose to make this day about doom and gloom or we can celebrate love and be grateful for the precious people we have in our lives.

Let’s remember how lucky we are to have the life we have and let go of any of the week’s dramas. Choose cooperation rather than separation. It’s when we create separateness in our hearts and minds that life’s tragedies start taking shape. Notice in your day if you are having a “me vs them” mindset whether it be with someone that serves you at a business your frequent or perhaps a work colleague. Remember that we all have our inner battles to fight and if we choose compassion rather than separateness it will have a huge impact on the type of world we live in and the life we are creating for ourselves.

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