Do you trust the timing of life or do you feel like you aren’t reaching your goals fast enough? Although we often say that time flies, our desired outcomes usually take longer than expected to arrive. It can be in love, our career, our finances, our home life and beyond. We believe that aspects from these parts of our life should be a certain way and when they aren’t we might feel like we did something wrong.

But what if this timing, this perceived delay was actually a gift? Haven’t you had proof in your life that when something important unfolded differently than you had originally planned, it was actually for the better? We sometimes think that we know best but I’ve come to believe that life knows best. We are here co-creating an incredible experience and it’s not all up to us. We have to trust in the timing of life.

If something you desire doesn’t come your way immediately, trust that it’s because you aren’t ready yet. This shouldn’t be perceived as negative or be interpreted like you did something wrong. It’s probably because certain things need to change, evolve or fall into place for your desire to arrive at the right moment.

When we want life to be different than it is right now, we cause stress and frustration for ourselves. But when we savour the Now and enjoy it for all it has to offer (rather than living for the future and a potential goal) we can be at peace while working towards what we want. I’ll leave you with a great Marie Forleo video that drives the point home about not only trusting the timing of life but embracing it.

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