A little humour to start your day with a smile. Don’t forget to treat yourself and leave time for some self care on this sacred Sunday. I know I speak for myself when I say that I can be really strict and disciplined with various aspects of my life like eating healthy and exercising because health is my number one core value but I also have to learn to let myself off the hook from time to time and just enjoy life’s pleasures.

This will be different for each person of course and you should embrace whatever treat it is that makes your heart smile. For me it’s chocolate and baking something amazing that I can then indulge in and let others enjoy as well. As women, the gilt switch can be triggered quite easily in us and when we try to treat ourselves we often have a little voice that says that we shouldn’t be.

Whether it’s taking time for ourselves or just doing nothing (which is highly underrated in my opinion!) When we take care of ourselves, allow ourselves to experience fun and pleasure, we renew our energy and tap into pure happiness. Now isn’t that something you should make a priority today? Let me know in the comments below how you will treat and take care of yourself on this lovely Sunday. xoxo

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