If you want the rainbow you’ve got to put up with the rain. As humans, our main search in life is for happiness and we have a lot of resistance when “icky” feelings surface. We tend to want to escape those feelings (through food, shopping, distractions) as soon as they pop up but the more we resist them, the longer they will linger.

If we could just learn to let them pass through us, as if we were light as air, transparent even, we could process those feelings with much more peace and see what they have to teach us. Because they are there for a reason and if we bury them, without dealing with them, they will keep coming back.

Plus, when we are feeling not so great, we can say “I don’t want to feel like this anymore” and determine what we need to do to move away from the circumstances that are causing us to feel a certain way.

See the rainy days as a blessing, as a sign that you are ready to move forward towards a new chapter. Don’t fight the darkness, sit with it, accept it, don’t judge it and then move through it with peace.

It might be easier said than done at first but as with anything, with practice you will get better and better. And it’s those more difficult days that represents a period of growth for which we are often thankful later on. Embrace the rain, dance it in because it’s a sign that a beautiful rainbow awaits around the corner. You’ve just got to have faith in yourself and life and accept the moment for the lesson it has to teach.

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