There is magic within us all. It might not feel like it on an ordinary Wednesday morning when it was hard getting out of bed but if we move past our physical self, we can discover what we’re truly made ofGo back in the past for a second and think about the best moments of your life. Were they about material things? Probably not… It’s not to say that we can’t enjoy the material world but it’s when we totally identify with it that we forget the magic within.

Go back inside yourself again. Think of the smiles you helped create, the people you have stood by, the everyday contributions you make without noticing it. We can go back to that place of wonder we experienced as a child. We can let go of the seriousness of life from time to time to just enjoy ourselves and allow others to do the same.

What’s the point of this journey if we can’t have a little fun? Let go of the daily dramas and help create more magic. Listen to great music, dance to your favourite tune. Go ahead, be silly. People won’t care. In fact, you will probably inspire them to do the same.

There is magic within us all but the tragedy is that we forget it and let it gather dust. Open up that treasure chest, rediscover what wonder is like again. It’s all there within you just waiting to resurface. And when your ego tells you you don’t have time for such silliness, laugh in its face and tell it life’s too short to feel miserable or be serious all the time.

I’ll finish with a quote from Brene Brown‘s amazing book The Gifts of Imperfection: “We think that our accomplishments and acquisitions will bring joy and meaning, but that pursuit could be the very thing that’s keeping us so tired and afraid to slow down.” Something to keep in mind when deciding at what pace you want your day to move forward and what you want to allocate your precious time and magic to. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.

Image by Melo & Co.

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