The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately. There you are Thursday. You showed up faster than we thought and yet we still have some hustling to do before ending the week like the superstars that we are. Dreaming is such an important part of life and it can be a great source of motivation and happiness but dreams without action just stay fictional stories in our heads. I believe we are here co-creating (as woo-woo as that might sound to some of you) and that making our dreams come to life shouldn’t be a constant struggle. When you are aligned with your purpose that is.

When our dreams are aligned with our purpose, we still have to put in hard work but it’s not like we are constantly swimming upstream. If this is the feeling you are getting, ask yourself if what you aspire to is truly aligned with who you are.

There is an exercise that is really interesting to do (find it here) that makes you look within to determine why you are reaching for certain dreams and it can help you realize that your dream is often a symbol of a feeling you are yearning for (I mentioned this in yesterday’s post as well). Make sure you hustle but hustle for the right dream. No fancy car or house or romantic partner will ever make you “complete”. You know why? Because you already are complete. Hustle to make a difference, to create more peace, love, kindness and compassion in the world. Hustle because it makes you feel vibrant and alive. Hustle to connect to others, to feel inspired.

Hustle for the life that you want but be opened to co-creating the life that you need.

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