Take today one moment at a time. If you are feeling lazy, fully enjoy doing absolutely nothing. If you feel like reading a good book, dive into it and don’t think about the hours passing by. We live in a performance society which makes it very difficult to slow down and just be but we must remember that these breaks are necessary and not a luxury. We must pause and reboot in order to replenish our energy, inspiration and creative juices. We must slow down to truly notice and appreciate all the little gifts that surround us.

Sundays have a great energy to slip into that slower self care mode so see if you can take some time for yourself today, even if it’s just a couple of hours to sip on a nice coffee (or smoothie in my case) and flip through your favourite magazine. Down time should be just as sacred as you are. It’s only when you reward all your hard work with this kind action that you can go on creating the best life for yourself and being of service to others in the highest way possible. Wishing you a peaceful Sunday filled with bliss and moments of nothingness. xoxo

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(Image by @notableca)

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