Take time to make your soul happy. Despite the craziness of the holidays, take moments to breathe and realize how lucky you are. You might have a million things to do at work but be grateful you have a job. You might be rushing to prepare your home to welcome family and friends. Be grateful you have them in your life. You might have to hit the stores for some last minute shopping. Be grateful you have the money to buy those gifts and that you have loved ones to offer them to.

Amidst everything that you have going on in your physical world, remember to come back to your inner world. Refocus on what makes you truly happy and leave time for it in your holiday plans. We tend to think that we “have to” do this and that but many of those obligations are self imposed or we took them on in order to please others. Being generous is wonderful but make sure you leave energy and time for yourself as well.

Take time for your soul. It’s who you truly are deep down inside so forgetting about it means you become only a shadow of your true self and that means robbing yourself and others of a very precious gift. What will you do today to make your soul happy? Let me know in the comments below! I’ll be hopping on a plane to go visit my love in Europe!

Image by Paper and Inka

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