Take the risk. Whether it’s saying hello to someone you’ve had your eye on or perhaps speaking up in a meeting. Maybe it’s pursuing your passions or asking for that promotion. Whatever it is, believe in yourself and know that you have what it takes to move forward.

To take a risk doesn’t necessarily mean that you are fearless, it means learning to put fear in the back seat rather than at the wheel. Fear exists to protect us and it’s a very valuable ally, not an enemy but we must learn when to listen to it (if we are in true physical danger) and when it’s playing games with our mind.

To take a risk in confidence, you can weigh the pros and the cons and decide if you are comfortable with the worst possible outcome. Often, when we actually take ourselves through the entire thought process and think concretely, realistically what’s the worst that could happen, we find that we could be willing to live with that outcome if it allows us to take that leap of faith. And remember, even if you take the risk and fall flat on your face, you aren’t in actual physical danger. Yes your ego might be a little bruised but it will recover and so will you.

Take a risk today. Start with something small that requires you to step outside just of your comfort zone just a little. The more small brave actions you take, the more confidence you will get to take greater risks that bring greater rewards. Wishing you a wonderful day! xoxo

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