Sunday sleep ins are one of the most beautiful gifts we can give ourselves. Taking the time to slow down is a lost habit in today’s performance driven society. We must learn that not getting things done is as important as getting things done (perhaps even more important at certain moments). It might sound counter intuitive but if we are always on the go and stuck in the auto-pilot mode of constantly doing, it doesn’t leave any space to breathe and see if we are actually happy with the direction we are moving towards.

Sometimes life forces us to stop if we haven’t learned to do so on our own (with an illness for example) so it’s best to learn to do it on our own terms. We go so fast because we think we might miss out on something (success, love, fulfilment) but not stopping robs us of the most precious thing of all: the present moment. Rushing most often equals moving towards a goal (i.e. the future) and this means that we aren’t truly enjoying the only thing that is real: the now.

Life goes by so quickly and it really is about the journey rather than the destination. We tend to glorify the destination, the goals, the vision of “the life” we want for ourselves. This ambition and these desires are normal and healthy but it’s when we don’t see any joy or value in the now that we rob ourselves of priceless gifts.

Go ahead and slow down. Even if just for a moment. Truly savour the little pleasures that today has to offer and when your mind drifts off to that Never Never land of the future, gently reel it back in and remind it that now is fine. Now is good. Now is perfect.

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