What do you think you are meant to do here? Do you believe you have the right to follow your dreams? Not only is it your right but it is your duty to pursue them. What is buried deep inside your soul, that desire, that passion is your calling. As scary as it might seem or as simple as it might be.

Following your heart is not selfish. It will actually allow you to share your gifts with the world to make it a better place. Soften your outlook on life if you think that we are meant to suffer and struggle before being able to live out our dreams. Start believing that you are a precious being here to make a difference and by following your heart you are fulfilling your purpose.

Also be open and flexible if you notice your dreams evolving. That is part of the journey. If you don’t know yet what your dreams are that’s okay too. You probably did have a close connection to them earlier in life and it’s possible someone (or certain experiences) taught you to push them aside.

If that is the case, forgive and move on. Reconnect with yourself and what makes you feel alive. Notice what puts a smile on your face and when time just flies by. You are here to live your dreams so take that first step to get closer to them. Quiet the ego mind that says there is not enough time or resources to do this. Your heart knows better. Follow it.

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