I’m not religious but I pray twice a day. You can call it prayer, meditation, stillness, practicing gratitude (saying thank you), journaling or just reflecting. We all do this in our own way and it’s how we grow and get in touch with our true self. The hashtag #prayforparis has been circulating since Friday’s tragedies and some have been offended by that term because they associate it with religion and they associate religion with some of the violence and chaos that is going on in the world.

Prayer is what you make it. To me, it’s a wonderful way to take a moment to pause, go within and reconnect with myself. To step out of the busyness of life and be grateful for all that I have. It’s so important to stop and go back to why we think we are here and how we want to be while we are of this world. We have the choice to be grateful for all our blessings and help those that aren’t so fortunate.

I believe that every time we are saying thank you for something,we are in touch with pure happiness. Not only that, I believe that the more you practice gratitude, the more will come your way. Why would life send you more if you don’t already see all the riches you have? Practicing gratitude is not only a gift you give yourself, it creates a shift of energy inside of you and will then benefit those you come into contact with.

When sadness or anger arise in us because of the injustices in the world, we have the power to tap into gratitude, be aware of all that we have and that we can bring to make this place a better one. Start tuning into that deeper part of yourself and notice the light that you can bring. It is there. It just takes some stillness to let it come through and that is something every single one of us can accomplish with a daily practice of gratitude and prayer in our own unique way.

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