Speak kindly to yourself. Do you ever notice the nature of your internal dialog? Can you catch any unkind thoughts that pass by? Being present enough to observe our thoughts can allow us to determine if they are serving us and helping us create the life we want.

In contrast, when we are completely unaware of what goes on in the mind, we totally identify with our thoughts and believe them to be true (even the negative ones, sometimes especially the negative ones). A negative internal dialog can come from many places: how we were brought up, how we observed other people behave, social and cultural influences and more.

The source doesn’t matter as much as being able to start detaching and observing the thoughts and if they are harsh or unkind to notice it and then start changing them. Knowing that they aren’t necessarily true. Realizing this can bring a huge sense of relief and happiness. A sense of freedom from one’s mind.

Start noticing today what you are saying to yourself. Do you believe you are worthy and capable or do you think you should play small and let others welcome in abundance? Do you tell yourself “Who am I to be happy, enjoy amazing experiences, live life to the fullest and follow my dreams?” If so, don’t judge these thoughts but do slowly change that dialog to one that is more confident, positive and aligned with who you truly are- a being that deserves all the joy this life has to offer.

If you wouldn’t talk to a good friend they way you currently talk to yourself internally then banish that inner mean girl or guy and replace them with a loving voice, one thought at a time.

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P.S. Thank you Tracy Campoli for being the source of today’s daily inspiration. Love your life philosophy and how you weave it into your teachings. If you guys don’t know Tracy yet you need to check her out ASAP on You Tube. She is an amazing fitness, life and health coach and she makes workout out so much fun (and efficient!). I wrote a post featuring my favourite workouts from Tracy here. ❤️

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