Whatever you are doing today, show up fully and put 100% of your heart into it. Whether it’s going to a job you are less than thrilled about, attending your child’s hockey practice or doing your workout at the gym. Sometimes we get frustrated because we aren’t at that place where we would like to be– in life or at that particular moment in the day. The secret to building a powerful and fulfilling life is to give what you do your very best. Remember that waitress that gave you amazing service vs the one that had a bad attitude?

It’s up to us to decide how we show up and how we show up will determine in which direction we go. People who really show up, are fully present and invested in what they are doing (as unimportant as it might seem or feel), they stand out, they give out a certain energy, they make a difference in someone’s day and the energy they put out will come back to them.

Choose one thing today that you might not be super excited to do and see if you can really be present and give it your best. Notice how you feel after and think about the difference, the positive consequences this shift in attitude can have on those that surround you but also on your life. The more we show up fully in life, the more life rewards us. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday and let us know below how you will show up for yourself and others today! xoxo

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