You can choose to shine brightly at every moment of your day. You aren’t serving the world or doing anyone any favours when you keep yourself small. There are infinite possibilities in front of you and within you and when you finally see this, life truly begins.

When we let go of fear, push the ego aside, start listening to our soul and focus on what truly matters we can get clarity and stop wasting energy on life’s dramas.

Yes, the shit will still hit the fan every once and a while but you will deal with it in a much different way. You will take it with more ease and detachment and see that this too shall pass.

We can walk the path of life with a multitude of different mindsets and it’s the conscious decision of that mindset that will affect what type of life you create for yourself and also for those around you.

It’s you and only you who can decide if you make this life one of love, beauty, light, joy, kindness and gratitude. Which path are you on?

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