At any moment of the day you have the power to shake it off and release whatever doesn’t serve you. We tend to hang on to certain things and events for way longer than we need to. This weighs us down and keeps us from tapping into our full potential and moving ahead towards our goals.

Notice if you are holding onto something. Perhaps it’s an old grudge or it could be sadness or fear. We always have the choice to reset and let that emotion pass though us rather than grasping onto it. It doesn’t mean being in denial or repressing our feelings. It means letting them flow freely and then moving on. Our body, mind and soul are not meant to carry so much weight and when we do we pollute our lightness and potential to create beauty all around us.

Take a moment today to see if your thoughts are focusing on the past, on something you perhaps wish had turned out differently. Then, take a deep breath and release it. Know that everything in life happens for a reason. Even the heartaches and difficult moments. Shake it off and see how much lighter you feel already. And if it helps, you can even play Taylor Swift’s iconic tune while you do so. ;) Wishing you a wonderful day. xoxo

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(Image by @findinglouie)

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