Self care Sundays are so important. Allow yourself to just stop and relax today. Enjoy what you love most, what soothes your heart and inspires you. We aren’t meant to constantly be doing, planning, thinking and rushing. Our soul needs rest and replenishment. We each have our way to recharge and bring our energy levels back up and we have to stop feeling guilty for taking the time to do that.

We are not of service to others when we are burned out and feeling empty. We cannot truly connect with those around us if we aren’t connected with ourselves. Think about what makes you smile. It can be music, children, nature, a great book or even watching good bad TV. Don’t label or judge it. Know that it does you good and therefor it’s there to be enjoyed.

Take a deep inhale and give yourself permission to just enjoy life. Put the voice of the ego aside that tells you need to get things done every single moment of your day. Reserve a sacred “me time” moment even if it’s just 10-20 minutes. Sometimes we have to relearn how to take care of ourselves and it’s best to do it one small step at a time. Go ahead, curl up in your favourite space and relish just being you and taking pleasure in doing what lights up your soul.

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