Inner strength. We all have it and we also often underestimate it. Whether you’re back at work hustling or staying at home during the holidays, you can tap into your inner strength whenever you need it. You might be at work wishing you were home or at home with certain family members that tend to test you.

Whatever it is that you need today you can find it through stillnessTake a moment to stop and notice what you are needing. Energy? Patience? Or perhaps it’s love because you feel it’s lacking in your life.

Find a way to pull away from the material world for a moment and go within. Focus on your breath and come back to all that you already have.

Remember how lucky and blessed you are and let that gratitude stir up positive energy and whatever else it is you currently need. You are much braver and stronger than you think. 

If you are contemplating following some of your dreams in 2016 but are doubting whether you are capable or not, remember all the mini victories you celebrated over this past year and make sure you notice all you’re doing well during this special time of year as well.

Life never gives us a dream that we aren’t capable of realizing so if you don’t already, start making it your mission to tap into your existing inner strength to make the most of this day and this life.

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Image by The Scribblers List

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