Do you ever question what your recipe for a good life is? Or perhaps your definition of success? Sometimes we have a certain idea of what we think we need to be happy only to get it and realize it doesn’t suit us. It can be a man, a job, an experience and more.

The truth is, its the fundamental things in life that bring true peace and happiness like love, self acceptance and good health. There is no need to struggle to attain more.

Sure we can have goals and ambitions but it’s when we grasp onto them or have a fear of losing what we have that we create stress and unhappiness for ourselves.

There is one word I would change in the above quote and it’s saying “give more” rather than “do more”. That is one big key to happiness and will bring you so much more joy than striving to always have more.

And of course, as I always say, if the foundation of your life is gratitude you are on the path of peace and contentment. Appreciate the smiles, the laughter, the precious moments with loved ones, you health and every single gift you have in your life down to the smallest one.

We are truly, truly blessed and I believe that if we don’t appreciate all that we have, why should we receive more? Gratitude is the key to unlock the door to abundance.

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Photo via ART of Revolution

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