Wishing everyone lots of peace love and joy during this very special time of year. We have these three precious ingredients within us at all time and can access them at a moments notice. We can chose to take small pauses during the day to step out of doing and into being. A moment to check in and notice what state we are in.

Take the time to see what kind of energy you are bringing into what you are doing. Are you living in the present and at peace or already thinking about the next thing? Are you bringing love to the people you interact with and to yourself? Are you consciously choosing joy throughout your day?

Happiness is a choice and we are constantly deciding to move closer or further from it. I also want to thank YOU. Yes you, my fabulous Red Fairy reader. Thank you for sharing this journey with me and for choosing to bring a little more love, kindness and awareness to your day. I appreciate your presence and your precious comments (heart emoticons and all). Happy holidays! xx

Image by the talented Corinne Kenny at Jade Made Arts

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