As this week kicks off, strive for balance between mind, body and spirit. When the holiday craziness takes over, it will be more likely that your energy shifts to one place. Probably the mind or the body. When all our energy is concentrated in our mind we are constantly lost in thought, rarely in the present and mostly thinking about the past or the future.

When our energy is only focused on our body, we can forget about our soul and only focus on the material world.  We might also push ourselves too hard because we see that finish line (vacation time) and figure we don’t have that much further to go but when we get there, we’ll be totally burned out.

Just be wise and take time to stop and see how you are doing during your day. Notice the quality of your thoughts towards yourself and others and ask yourself if they are giving more energy or draining you of it. Wishing you a wonderful week!

Image by @thescribblerslist

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