If you have a dream deep inside of you (almost everyone does) it’s a symbol, a clue about your true calling. A dream or desire is there for a reason. We are meant to take some kind of action to bring it forth. Too often we don’t really take it seriously and even want to protect ourselves and our expectations by dismissing it. If you think your dream will never happen, it probably won’t. If you think you can bring that dream to life you are already closer to making it happen.

Look at the people in this world who have accomplished amazing feats. They aren’t necessarily the smartest or the richest. They just believed in their dreams, developed a plan and took action. It’s all about your mindset and the actions you take. If you have limiting beliefs about your life, your actions will reflect that and so will your reality. If you believe that your life is meant to be grand, you will make decisions based on that. Imagine the difference a simple shift in mindset can create.

Start building a plan today to make those dreams happen. Don’t get too caught up in the details or think you have to have it all figured out from A to Z. Start visualizing how it would feel to actually be living that dream. Envision that next step that needs to be taken. Firmly stand in that precious dream and watch it come to life one small action at a time. It’s a thing of true beauty.

What is your dream? That one desire you have deep inside of you? Share it in the comments below. The more we speak and write about our dreams, the closer they are to coming to life. Just verbalizing them can be the first step to making an idea a reality. xoxo

(Image by @angelkein)

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