Love what is beautiful in life and let the rest go. Appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you today from a loved one’s smile to a delicious breakfast. Beauty is everywhere around us but we must be present to notice and appreciate it. When we do start taking in all the little things that we should be grateful for, happiness arises.

And the more we focus on what is beautiful and wonderful, the more we will be able to let go of the rest that doesn’t serve us. Seeing and appreciating beauty is a behaviour that comes naturally to some and for others it must be developed and practiced.

I know that when I was younger, I never really noticed the beauty around me and it took a burn out to finally get me to stop and see all that I had to be grateful for. That is when I started being able to let go of the negative and this allowed me to let some light in and start to heal.

Appreciate beauty everyday and you will see it multiply. See the beauty within yourself and others as well, even in re darker moments, it’s always there.

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