If you sit still, let the mind slow down and start to focus on what really matters, what comes up for you? When you ask yourself “What do I want?” what answer comes from your heart? This was the focus in my morning meditation and every time I ask myself the question in stillness two things come up: peace and love.

Very hippy of me I know but I can’t judge something that is so deep within me that it seems to trump anything else when I ask myself this question. Peace for me is inner peace but also harmony in my relationships (business, friendships, family) and when I run into people that go against this core value, I must simply walk away, however difficult it might be or the backlash that can come of it.

Love is love for myself in how I treat my body, my precious time, the kindness of my thoughts and also of course my love for others and how others love me. Feeling connected is extremely important and infusing love in everything I do (like these daily inspirations) is part of my purpose.

Once again, if situations or people do not fit with this, something’s gotta give. If you are living a life that is not aligned with what you truly want, you will feel off balance. Things won’t flow well and sometimes it can be hard to put your finger on why.

Knowing your core values and what truly matters can really help sort out what is not serving you and get you back on the right path.

If ever you need help with this, I am here to guide you. We can have a session together to chat and see what is out of alignment for you and we can also make it a longer term collaboration. Whatever suits your needs, you can reach out to me via email at genevieve@redfairyproject.com.

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