Life is a beautiful ride isn’t it? It has ups and downs, unexpected twists and turns and boy can it make your stomach flip. But would you really have it any other way? Think of all the moments of amazement you have experienced and that you can still enjoy.

Everyday, life presents gifts to us. Some are big, some are small and many of them go unnoticed by the unaware. Do you ever look back at your day to recount what you are grateful for? It’s such a wonderful practice to fully realize how lucky we are.

One thing I try to remind myself of lately is to enjoy the journey and not be solely focused on the destination (i.e. goals). We often believe that a certain outcome will make us or our life complete. That we will finally be happy, but depending on outside circumstances for joy can be a risky game. Those circumstances are often out of our control and they are also fleeting.

They also don’t always make us feel like we thought they would. Hence, why it’s important to enjoy the journey and not only count on outcomes for happiness. We can dive within and find instant happiness. Gratitude is a great way to access that.

Notice today the beauty that life is offering you and also the beauty that you are creating. It’s everywhere, even in the smallest things. Wishing you a wonderful day!

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