Let yourself take a breather. It’s the weekend. You’ve probably been looking forward to it all week so why not truly enjoy it? Take the time to just stop and be. It doesn’t mean you won’t get things done but at least you won’t be constantly running around moving on from one task to the next.

Leave some space in your day to enjoy a good meal, some time with a friend or a good book. Sip on your favourite drink while just enjoying its taste and letting your body relax. Stop and take a deep breath. Now do it again. And again. Take these breathing breaks throughout your day to come out of your head and into your body and see what is there.

If there is tension, exhale it away. The more you get used to taking a breather in your day, the more your body (and mind) will crave it and that is a great way of breaking the stress cycle. Weekends are for fun. Make sure you leave some time for it before it’s over.

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(Image via Angel Kein, a very talented girl.)

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