Let love grow. All that truly matters comes back to love and yet how often do we get caught up in the complexities of life and lose our way? Yes, of course there are bills to pay and responsibilities to honour but what good is a life lived without standing fully in love? Love for yourself and love for those around you. 

The strangers that walk by us everyday, the people that we interact with without giving it a second thought, they are dealing with their own struggles just as we are. What if we stopped to truly be THERE as we interacted with them? What if we took in the moment, being grateful to stand where we stand and make them feel that joy and gratitude.

For example, every time I go to the grocery store and am at the register to pay, most of the cashiers who see hundreds of strangers go by in a day are totally disconnected with what they are doing and from the person standing in front of them (me). But on some occasions, I come face to face with someone who is truly alive and there. She is not on automatic pilot and she is bringing true joy to every interaction she has. She is bringing presence and love to a task that her co-workers underestimate and don’t see the potential in. And yet, because she smiled and perhaps made a little joke to which I replied with the same light heartedness, two people connected. Even for just a moment.

We need more of that kind of connection in this world. We are so lost in thought, lost in the past or lost in the future that we forget to take in the only thing that is real: the NOWThat’s a mad world isn’t it? We don’t have to keep going in this direction. We can bring more awareness to our everyday actions and interactions and bring more quality, more presence, more attention and more love to what we do- even small things like the groceries. ;) Let love grow inside you and let it expand around you. It can create pure magic. 

Image via Short and Sweet Designs

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