If you are waking up this morning and feeling like you can barely get through the mid week hump, maybe it’s time to look at what you are dragging with you that might be weighing you down. We all carry baggage with us but some more than others. Certain people carry so much baggage that you can feel that heaviness in their energy when you are in their presence.

We do have a choice in letting that baggage go or letting it weigh us down. It can be stuff from years ago that we just didn’t want to let go of or something that might have happened yesterday. No matter what it is it does have an affect on you even if it’s not something you can physically see.

All the anger, regret, fear, resentment, sadness, judgement and worry weighs us down and keeps us from being uplifted to our highest potential. It keeps us stuck in the past and uses up energy we could be allocating to something so much more productive and fulfilling.

I remember I used to hold grudges for the longest time, thinking I was punishing the other person for however I thought they did me wrong. What I didn’t realize was that this negative energy that I was holding onto was hurting me. When I chose to forgive, push my bruised ego aside and move on, I experienced a huge sense of peace and release. It actually requires a whole lot more energy to hang on to the shit that weighs you down rather than just letting go, so maybe you want to pin point something that you could release today to feel a little lighter.

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