Keep moving forward… When the week is almost over, we often focus on what we’ve accomplished or look back at situations we wished had turned out differently. Our mind either convinces us that we did well or poorly. But what if instead of judging in this manner we looked inward and forward and focused on the quality of our thoughts and actions and the intention behind them.

What if we recentered on our WHY and how we can move forward to realign with it. Our WHY is our purpose, the reason we get up in the morning and what we think we are meant to do during our time here. We can easily lose focus of our why when life overwhelms us and we get caught in the material world. There is a whole other world that we are part of that many of us don’t even think of or acknowledge and yet it is there and it affects you at every moment of your day. Let go of the worries, negative thoughts and desire to control. Trust life a little more, keep moving forward and see the magic it has in store for you. Happy Friday! xoxo

RESOURCE: If you want to learn more about how to find your WHY, I loved, loved, loved this book by Simon Sinek. It really help me refocus on the direction of my personal and professional life and realign the quality of my actions. It’s also a great tool to prioritize all that we have going on in our busy life so that we allocate time to what’s truly important rather than what is urgent.

Simon also took part in the amazing TED Talks series. This video is a great summary of how to change your mindset to focus on your WHY and how it can positively affect every part of your life:

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