We can spend a lifetime seeking the approval of others for the choices we make or we can have enough faith in ourselves to know that our decisions are right for us. Yes, we will surely make some mistakes but at least they will be OUR mistakes.

Wasting energy on justifying ourselves to others is just not worth the effort and angst. People look at your life through their lenses of beliefs, fears and experiences so it is natural they cannot always understand your choices or point of view.

I have someone very close to me who still does not understand or support the decision I made to leave the corporate world last year to follow my passions and purpose. She does not believe in what I am doing and at first that was very hurtful. But one day, I realized that her lack of confidence in me was actually a reflection of her own fears and of the lack of confidence she has in herself and in life.

That allowed me to release my need to receive her approval and I feel so much lighter and at peace today. I even send compassion her way and hope that her own faith in herself will increase with time as I truly wish her to be happy. Walk your own path and surround yourself with a tribe that understands you. They might not be in your immediate entourage like your family or close friends but they are out there. Each and every one of us is on a unique journey so trust yours and follow your inner guide rather than what others think is best for you.

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