Let’s start the week by giving ourselves permission to be messy and imperfect. Striving for perfection is a losing battle and it can even stop us from reaching our full potential because it keeps us stuck in inactionWe would rather not start a project or perhaps not finish it rather than running the risk of being disappointed in ourselves. I have to come clean here and admit that this has totally been me on certain occasions.

I can look back at certain projects I procrastinated to start because I believed I wasn’t good enough. Or, I would start something but then put it aside because it/I wasn’t meeting my high standards. We have to stop this silliness because it really robs us of incredible opportunities. We have to embrace that being human and trying new things means that there will be imperfection and a certain awkwardness at first.

Just like when we bake a cake or cook an amazing meal, things can get messy in the kitchen. It’s like they say: you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggsBreaking the eggs to me means trying and then readjusting. And then trying again and getting a little better at whatever we are doing every time.

Life as humans is messy but that can be a beautiful thing if we embrace it. If we can let go, allow ourselves to be vulnerable and perhaps make a few mistakes, we will have the courage to step into our greatness and venture onto paths that we might have been avoiding for fear of the unknown or worse, the messiness. 

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Image via Angel Kein

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