Intention is everything. Do you ever take the time to set an intention for your day? Another word for intention could be “objective” or “goal” but there is something a little softer and less performance oriented behind an intention.

In yoga, we often set an intention for ourselves at the beginning of the class. It could be to be kind to our body and not push ourself too hard or perhaps have compassionate thoughts and not judge our practice as better than or worse than a previous session or even making a conscious decision not to compare ourselves to the person next to us (how bendy we are or not, how we are dressed, etc)

When you know what is important to you and how you want to feel during your day (calm, inspired, free, productive) you can set a clear intention to refocus in on that feeling during the day especially when you feel you’ve gone off track (trust me it will happen, more than once). An intention helps to stay a little more aware of yourself, your actions and thoughts. It’s when we are unconscious that the day passes by without us dedicating time to what matters or perhaps acting in ways that aren’t aligned with our core values.

Start with something small so that you are setting yourself up for success. It’s often the little shifts in our daily life that can make a big difference in how we feel overall about ourselves and what we are prof out there into the world (i.e. good vs bad energy).

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