Inhale compassion. Exhale judgement. Compassion was the theme of my morning meditation and we should all make it our focus more often. I mean really, how often to do you think about how compassionate you are? It’s not something that is on our mind most of the time.

As humans, we can be harsh to ourselves and to others. It can be a form of protection but it also creates separation. As much as I focus on love in my daily life, I do admit to having judgmental moments. I think it’s normal and we should not judge ourselves for being judgmental (that just creates a vicious circle of negativity) but we should catch ourselves when doing it and try to shift our mindset.

I loved that Deepak Chopra suggests replacing judgement with gratitude. When you notice yourself judging someone, replace that thought with why you are grateful they are in your life. Even if it’s someone that really irritates you, you can learn something from them and grow and you be grateful for that.

Make compassion your intention for today and see how you can sprinkle it around in your thoughts, words and actions.

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