When your heart is asking you to do something but the fears inside your head are stopping you, it’s important to ask yourself “if not now, when?” Let’s make today about courage. Courage to be your own unique fabulous self and courage to take a step in the direction of your dreamsWhat does that mean concretely? Only you know that but the answer is within you and you just have to listen to that voice that tries to guide you. 

The trick is to allow that voice to be louder than the voice of fear which is also present in most of us. How to do that? One small victory at a time. Start with the tiniest act of courage (which still might seem scary as hell). It can be speaking to someone higher up in the company that holds a position you aspire to step up to some day.

It can be giving yourself enough time in the day to practice a hobby that has shown the great potential you have within you. No matter what the action is that will allow you to step into your best version of yourself, the important thing is to do it NOW.

It’s when we wait because we think that we aren’t ready wait that life starts passing us by, regret takes residence in our heart and we start being disappointed with ourselves. Trust that you know the way to greatness because it is already within you. Connect to that knowing today and let it guide you.

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