Here’s to getting back into the groove. Many of us are going back to work today. It might not be the easiest day (hello alarm clock) and you’re probably disappointed that vacation time is over and that’s 100% okay. Allow yourself to be a little sad but also be glad for all you were able to do during your time off (ex: see loved ones, eat great food, travel) and for what you didn’t do which is as important (relaxing is key to rebooting and reconnecting with our inner world).

Let whatever you are feeling pass through you and then look ahead and be grateful for this blank slate. Be thankful for the revenue and abundance that your work brings you, the people it allows you to connect with and the life it allows you to live.

Know that down time is fun but there is also a time for creation and building. This day is what you make of it. You can drag your feet and be resentful of reality or find joy in little things like certain colleagues that make you laugh.

We are wonderful creators and each of us brings something unique to what we do. We also bring a certain energy and it’s up to us to choose the quality of that energy. You can choose to bring fun into your day and the day of others.

You can choose to focus on the positive and praise your co-workers rather that point out what someone might be doing wrong. Now is still a great time to decide what you want to create in 2016 and determine the actions you need to take to make it happen.

Every moment of everyday you can choose your mood and how you see yourself and the world. Choose wisely as it determines the outcome of your life.

Get back into the groove and let loose. Have fun with life and don’t take it or yourself too seriously. Make a promise to yourself to enjoy it a little more and worry lessWishing you a wonderful week! 

Image by Angel Kein

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