Have faith in yourself. Know how amazing you are, see the value you bring to this world and don’t doubt that you can accomplish your most precious dreams. I see so many incredible human beings around me that don’t realize the precious gifts they have and how they are enhancing the lives of those around them.

It’s so important to love yourself first before you start giving all your time and energy to others. In fact, you will serve others even better if you truly believe in your value. When I was younger, I didn’t have the highest self esteem. I worked damn hard to come out of my shell and cherish the person that I am today. Accepting and loving myself has allowed me to open myself more to others and to share the gifts I have been given and those I have developed over the years.

I still have an inner mean girl sometimes that says “Who are you to think you can accomplish this?” But I’ve learned to ignore her most of the time… Trust yourself and keep moving closer to your dreams. They are inside of you for a reason. You are meant to do great things whether that’s preciously taking care of a loved the one, creating an artistic masterpiece, growing a beautiful garden or running a game changing business. We all have a purpose here and when we have faith in ourselves we get closer to it every step of the way.

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