Life and happiness is about finding the balance between our mind and soul. Both are essential for our day to day living and both are constantly speaking to us. The problem with the mind is when we only listen to it, we might as well live a life where we are wrapped in bubble wrap and doing nothing in order to stay “safe”.

Fear is a friend

The voice of fear comes from the mind and it can be very useful at times. I used to see fear as an enemy but during her conference in Montreal, Elizabeth Gilbert recently made me realize that fear is a friend. He’s a friend that has your back when you might be entering a physically dangerous situation such as going into the ocean when the waves are too big or taking that shortcut on a shady street late at night.

The problem with fear is that it sees danger pretty much everywhere and sends you the same kind of “red alert” signal whether you are about to go swim with sharks or start a creative project. It doesn’t see the difference between the risk of “failing” and the risk of dying and so it tries to convince that any situation that could involve either one should be avoided at all cost.

What our soul wants

Our soul on the other hand just wants to live in wonder. It’s curious and wants to try new adventures and explore creative paths. Our soul knows what will make us truly feel alive and it just wants us to enjoy life to the fullest. Our soul does know how to heal itself and yes the mind can get in the way of that sometimes.

Creating peaceful co-existence

To silence the mind is a learning of a lifetime but we can get better at it every day and also know when is the right moment to let it speak. Both the mind and soul cohabit together and they are both trying to create what is best for us. Our role is to find a harmony between the two and walk this journey in peaceful co-existence.

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Image via Lewis Howes

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