Good things take time… Boy do we need to remind ourselves of this often and by “we” I also mean me. We can be so impatient about getting what we want. We think that once we have XYZ (romantic partner, bigger home, slimmer body, prestigious title) that we will be complete and life will be bliss.

Yes, we can be driven towards goals and have ambition but we must sprinkle some patience on those desires because good things do take time. Think about accomplishments or life moments you are grateful for. They didn’t happen overnight and that’s probably one of the reasons you are so grateful for them.

We must trust the timing of things while working towards our goals with patience and faith. One lesson I have also learned is that sometimes we think we know what will make us happy, so so much that we obsess about it constantly but then when we get it, it’s not all that we had hoped for. This is why I have learned to trust life and what it brings and doesn’t bring me.

We can strive for certain things but also be open to the outcome looking different than we thought and that there can be something even better in store for us if we just stopped grasping and controlling. Put that desire out there, do the necessary work, then trust and let go. If it’s meant to be it will be and know that the time it takes to unfold is perfect.

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