Sometimes you gotta go with the flow. If you feel like you’ve been swimming upstream all week, trying to control outcomes, take a break and just let things flow today. We often get in our own way when we think that life is just up to us but there is something else magically at work. We just have to learn to give it some room and trustGet it a try today. Let go a little and see how freeing it can be even though you might be freaking out because you are used to controlling everything.

I promise it gets easier with time and this is coming from a major control freak still working hard on that. Life has a certain flow and timing and it can happen that it doesn’t meet outer expectations or personal desired timeline but we must trust that there is a reason for that. A reason for sometimes not getting what we want but rather what we need. Take a deep breath, go with the flow and get out of your own way. Let life work its magic.

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(Image by Hunting Louise, a graphic design studio based in Sydney, Australia that specializes in custom wedding and event stationery, hand lettering, paper goods and prints.)

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