Give this world good energy. Even if you had nothing at all, if you were penniless, you could still give generously to all those around you. Just because you don’t see energy, it doesn’t mean that it does not have an impact on people. Your energy affects everything within you (your body and thoughts) and around you (near and far). Being aware of our energy can allow us to step into our true power. A place where we realize how we can positively affect the lives of others

This is why it’s important to start developing an awareness of the nature of our energy. Is it positive or negative? Is it high level or low level? How does your energy affect other people’s energy? Do they feel energized when they see you or do they leave feeling drained and depleted of their own energy?

We can have days where our energy is more positive or negative and this fluctuation is normal but there is definitely a natural tendency towards one more than the other and that is what affects the life you have created for yourself. Give this world good energy because what you put out there will always come back (good and bad) so be very aware of what you are giving. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday filled with positivity and inspiration. xoxo

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