Sometimes we make life more complicated than it needs to be. When you start feeling overwhelmed, getting back to simplicity and to what truly matters can help relieve anxiety. To me that is love, inner peace and outer peace in my relationships with others, kindness towards myself and those around me and compassion in my thoughts, words and actions.

If we veer off track which of course happens because we are human, we shouldn’t judge ourselves for this. We simply need to remind ourselves that all that is truly important comes back to the basics (the listed above). We can let go of the dramas and the worries. We can even take a break from goals and ambition. We can just BE. Be present, be there for someone that needs us, be at peace with what is. That in itself is simple as can be but somehow we struggle with it.

I want to leave you with words from today’s meditation which I found very comforting and are true for every single one of us {You are loved, you are worthy, you are safe and whole.} You can always come back to this simple truth if you experience moments of anxiety in your day. So let’s say yes to simplicity and see how choosing to let go of the rest is truly liberating. Wishing you a wonderful day.

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Image via The Black Line by Lauren

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