Get inspired today. Take the time to do something you love or perhaps even allow yourself to do nothing at all. It’s in those moments of stillness that our inner voice can come through. That can allow creativity to surface but also your heart to speak to you.

Leave time for play and laughter. They are two precious gifts we often rob ourselves of because we are so focused on our goals and to-do list. Be fully present with those you love and relish their company. Put aside thoughts of “the next thing” whether that’s what you will be doing tonight or later this week.

Get inspired by taking the time to slow down and just being. Detach yourself from the thought that you are what you do and that your value is connected to how much you get done.

We get inspired when we stay soft and flexible and let life lead us down new paths. Bring back wonder in your life and explore something new today. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. xx

Image by @thescribblerslist

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