I love Mija so much for creating this free inspiring screensaver with one of my favourite unicorn quote. It always makes me smile but it’s also a great reminder to embrace our true self. We are all as magical and beautiful as mythical unicorns and if we could only see that on a daily basis, our lives could be so much more peaceful and joyful.

No matter what your mindset is about yourself, know that you really are amazing. When you start seeing this and taking into account the unique gifts you have, you will start to live your purpose and create a life beyond what you could have ever imagined for yourself. We are not here to blend in and be “normal” (whatever that is). We are here to be our authentic self and it’s when we embrace who we are that we can be truly fulfilled.

Let’s let go of the B.S., the self doubt, the negative and judgemental thoughts and focus our attention on our greatness. Not from an ego point of view or from a “I am better than” mentality but from knowing that we are more than enough. We are already complete and do not need to be fixed in any way. Let your light shine. Show the world your true self and be amazed at what comes to you as a reward for being brave, authentic and open to what life wants to offer you. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. xoxo

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You can download this amazing screensaver plus three other beautiful designs on Mija’s website. Also check out my other favourite screensaver/wallpaper “Good things come to those who hustle” by Angel Kein here.

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