Forget the mistake. Remember the lesson. Today, I want you to cut yourself and others some slack. If you feel like you might have messed up whether at work, home or life in general, start by forgiving yourself for the mistake. If you feel like you’ve been wronged by someone, forgive their mistake.

We can only move on and create a fresh start if we forgive and forget.

And even if you can’t really totally forget, if you have reached forgiveness you will be able to move ahead. When we hang on to anger or regret (towards ourselves or others), we carry a negative energy that blocks us from tapping into our full potential and from moving ahead.

When we focus on the mistake rather than the lesson, we are stuck in the past rather than advancing towards our future.

When we focus on the lesson rather than the mistake we change that negative energy into something positive that allows us to grow and live in a compassionate manner.

Focus on the lesson because there is one in every mistake. We are human, we are perfectly imperfect and mistakes are part of the journey so we don’t need to take them so seriously. When they do occur let’s throw some compassion at them and move on with what we learned. Wishing you a wonderful day! xoxo

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Important note: This image is by Lisa Messenger, a woman that is deeply inspiring to me because of the life she has created for herself, the lessons she learned from her mistakes and the love she puts into everything she does.

Lisa is the founder of The Collective, a gorgeous print magazineonline destination and really, a movement for entrepreneurs, creatives and style lovers around the globe. She is also the author of Daring & Disruptive Unleashing the EntrepreneurLife & Love Creating the Dream, Money & Mindfulness Living in Abundance and more recently Breakups & breakthroughs.

I’ve read the first three books and they were game changers. I strongly encourage you to check  them out if you are looking for some inspiration and guidance from a woman that has had an incredible journey. You can purchase the hard copies by clicking the titles I just mentioned above or download the digital versions below which is much cheaper if you don’t live in Australia (shipping costs more than the actual product!). Please note that Breakups & breakthroughs is not available in digital format yet:

iBooksDaring & DisruptiveLife & LoveMoney & Mindfulness 

KindleDaring & DisruptiveLife & Love, Money & Mindfulness,

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