Focus on the goal. Mondays are great for goal setting but also to have a clear intention for the week ahead. It can be to be a little kinder to yourself with the thoughts you have, or maybe to be a more patient with others. It can be work oriented or personal and all that really matters is that it be deeply connected to your WHY. Your why is the reason you get up in the morning. What makes you feel alive and the purpose you believe you have during your time here. 

We can quickly get caught up in the daily grind but when we have set a clear intention for ourselves (a goal that is dear to our heart) we can keep coming back to in during the chaos in order to refocus and re-prioritize. Make sure you aren’t always making other people’s priorities come first. Yes it’s important to give and be of service but when we forget ourselves we deplete our energy and drive. Find that right balance of giving and receiving and take daily pauses to recalibrate and come back to your goal/intention.
Having a clear direction can provide great inspiration and motivation. Wishing you a wonderful Monday! xoxo

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