Everything you can imagine is real. Such an important reminder of the power of our thoughts and beliefs. Because we do it so naturally, we often don’t realize how our thoughts are creating the life we have. How positive beliefs help move us forward and how negative ones keep us stuck.

If we’ve always had the same mindset and same results from it, we think that that’s just how life is but there are so many more possibilities that await us if we can shift limiting beliefs.

Take some time during these holidays to notice what your frame of mind is and what you tend to focus on. Is your mindset one of fear and of what could go wrong?

Or do you tend to look to people that are leading a fulfilling life and truly believe that it’s your birth right to be happy? Being aware of the thoughts that we generate and how they affect our decisions and actions is the first step to being fully in our power of creation.

Slow down and take moments of stillness (it can just be just a few seconds) to check in with your internal dialog. See if it is serving you and helping you create the life you want. Wishing you a wonderful day full of positive creation.

Image by Camilla and Marc

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