Every moment matters. Even when it feels like you are stuck or that you took a step backwards, every moment is preparing you for the next. It’s when we fight what is, when we resist what is already unfolding that we cause unnecessary stress for ourselves. There is no point to fighting what is because…. it already is.

We might think that we know best but we must remember that we are co-creators and we are collaborating with a force that is greater than us. This force, whatever it is, sees even more potential in our life than we do and when we are afraid to dream big, it pushes us towards what we are scared of.

It does so because although we sometimes don’t believe in ourselves, that untapped potential is always there, it is meant to come forth and must unfold so that others may enjoy the gifts we have to offer. We all have a purpose here and each moment brings us closer to it. We must begin to trust and let go, stop resisting situations we don’t fully understand and have faith that even the challenges are there for a reason.

When we learn to find peace in every moment, see the positive in it and be grateful for it, we can feel aligned and move with the natural flow of life (as scary as that might be sometimes). Embrace every moment and see the gifts it has to offer you… Find this post inspiring? Like it! Share it and and tag someone you love to bring inspiration into the lives of others.

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